משלוח חינם מעל 300 ש"ח

Tiny Storage Basket

50 30

A cute and tiny storage basket, handmade from Cork and Recycled Rubber

Perfect for a small plant or cactus or for your jewellery or accessories.

Adds a clean and unique look to every home, responds great to water and humidity – therefore suitable for kitchen, toilet or bathrooms.

  • Made of Cork and Recycled Rubber
  • Basket size: 7/7/5 cm
  • 100% vegan

About the material:

Cork is a natural substance produced from the bark of oak cork, which grows mainly in Portugal,and its production is done manually and performed in a controlled manner that does not harm nature.

Cork is a natural material that breathes, does not change and is preserved over time

The Rubberised Cork is a mixture of Natural Cork and Recycled Rubber


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