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Slim Card Wallet

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A thin, light Wallet made of natural Cork Fabric. designed for cards and bills, for those who like to go with and feel without!

One side contains three card cells and one cell for bills, and on the other side contains one transparent card cell and one cell for bills.

Cork Fabric is not only trendy and full of style, it is the perfect alternative to the skin – it is strong and durable and yet pleasant and soft to the touch.

  • Made of natural Cork Fabric
  • Wallet size: 8.511 cm
  • 5 card cells + transparent cell, middle cell for bills
  • 100% vegan

About the material:

Cork is a natural substance produced from the bark of oak cork, which grows mainly in Portugal, and its production is done manually and performed in a controlled manner that does not harm nature

Cork is a natural material that breathes, does not change and is preserved over time

The Cork Fabric is made of thin natural shaves that are directly obtained from oak bark.

It is very light and soft to the touch, but also strong and waterproof.

The use of Laser engraving is the best way to ensure a quality look that will not fade or be destroyed over time


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