משלוח חינם מעל 300 ש"ח

Custom Engraving


Want to make a product of your own, or create a perfect gift?

Choose a Cork Fabric product and add your logo, initials, graphics or text

to create a personal and special item

Using Laser Engraving is the best way to ensure a quality look that 

won’t fade and that is completely natural.


So how does it work? 

  1. Choose from the list the item you want to engrave on
  2. Choose the engraving option that suits you:
  • If you have a graphics or text file ready, select “I have a file” and send the file to us via Email:  info@spapla.com
  • If you have an idea but want us to design it for you, choose the option “Want you to design for me” and send us your request via Email: info@spapla.com
  1. We will send you a rendered sketch of the product, and after your confirmation we will prepare the product for you and send it to you 

Need more help or advice?  Write us: info@spapla.com


About the material:

Cork is a natural substance produced from the bark of oak cork, which grows mainly in Portugal, and its production is done manually and performed in a controlled manner that does not harm nature

Cork is a natural material that breathes, does not change and is preserved over time

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Cork Belt, Cork Bookmark, Cork Folder, Cork Notebook, Cork Passport Cover, Cork Pot Coaster, Envelope Cork Wallet, Men’s Cork Wallet, Slim cards wallet, Slim Cork Wallet, Women’s Purse, Women’s Purse – Natural Brown


I have a file, Want you to design for me

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