משלוח חינם מעל 300 ש"ח

A few words from the heart

For the launching our new website … I  found a post written when we created our studio, about 3 years ago …

We fell in love with design, we studied design, we worked in design and then one day we decided…to design.

I would like to share with you my excitement and my fears.

My name is Danna, I’m 31 years old. I and my partner, Efi, are 9 years together and we have a beautiful baby girl named Maya.
We are designers, which is a big word with a very unclear meaning, so I’ll elaborate…
Efi is an industrial design graduate and I’m an art graduate. I got my knowledge in graphics through self-study and from work experience.
For the last six years we both worked, each in his field, for two small companies. Not fully creating, not really getting involved, and not really designing.
One bright day, we decided to take a risk. Say goodbye to the secured salary (even though it wasn’t very high) and start creating. After a lot of thinking, sketching and countless experiments we finally created our design shop “Spapla”.
I have to admit that the unknown future, and the hard days that will probably come are very scary, but sometimes it feels that fear can be my best friend, the one that pushes me to my limits and to try my best.
It’s the same feeling we had before we decided to try getting pregnant. I still remember the thoughts we had then, all the questions and worries we had. Are we ready for this? Can we afford it? Are we going to be good parents?
Then we realised there was no way of getting answers to these questions, and we just need to go for it, do our best, and hope it will be enough.
And as young parents, we made, make and will continue making many mistakes. Saying
“with the next one it will be different”, and repeating it all the time, but when I look at Maya, she seems happy, so…I guess we’re doing something right, and that’s pretty fulfilling.

So I’ll wish all of you the same thing I’m wishing for us. Close your eyes and jump, without worrying about the landing, and just enjoy the view.

Have a great jump!

A few words from the heart
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